Better Business


Extend sustainability across your supply chain. Use our templates to involve your suppliers in becoming more sustainable.



Build environmentally sustainable quality into your supply chain

It’s likely that your suppliers have their own sustainability plans in place.  So why not get in touch to say you’d like to hear their ideas on how to reduce carbon emissions in their relationship with you, from packaging and waste to distribution and logistics. If not, encourage them to get  started and tell them its important to you -they can follow most of these same actions.

We’ve prepared a template letter to suppliers. Make it your own and send it off today:

Dear [Trusted Supplier]

We take environmental sustainability seriously and it is an important part of our brand value.  Across our business operation we are lowering our impact on the environment wherever we can and  as a valued member of our supply chain we’d like to involve your in our efforts.

It would mean a lot to us if you could answer these questions:

1.      What can you do to support us becoming more sustainable and to create value for us and our customers?

2.      Do you have a sustainability strategy?  If so, could you share that with us as well as your ambition to become more sustainable. 

3.      Please pass on this message and ask your suppliers to become more sustainable and what they can do to support you.

4.      Packaging and products that you supply us should be recyclable, made from recycled content or re-usable where possible, and always resource efficient.

5.      Printed materials should be printed sustainably:  (see Seacourt Ltd for the most sustainable printer in the UK)

6.      We do not want any excessive packaging.  Please can you avoid or retain that.

7.      We do not want unrecyclable packaging.

8.      If you need any advice, help and support, you are welcome to contact Jake Backus on who might be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.  Our contacting you is part of our plan to become an Oxfordshire Better Business, a regional scheme which encourages firms to take simple steps towards creating a sustainable business.  If this interests you, find out more about

I look forward to hearing from you.  Perhaps we can meet or talk soon about how our organisations can work together to help achieve our sustainability goals.

Best regards,

[Your valued client]