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Switch to an ethical bank and ensure your money is helping the planet as much as your business.

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Know where your money’s going!

When your money is placed in a deposit account, make sure you know it is doing good by switching to Triodos, one of the world’s leading sustainable banks.

As a sustainable business, Triodos Bank only lends its customers’ money to organisations building a better world. So, along with other organisations and individual savers, money deposited by your business becomes a powerful force for good. It even publishes details of every organisation it finances, so you can see for yourself exactly where your money is going.

Triodos offers a range of business deposit accounts to suit your needs. Find out more here:

‘If we consider that the basic function of any bank is to take money and lend it elsewhere in the economy, it follows that any values-led organisation would like to understand how their money is used.’ 
Rebecca Pritchard, Head of Business Banking, Triodos Bank