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 The Better Business Pack is a practical roadmap for SME's to become environmentally sustainable while saving money.

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FREE Energy Audit Worth £1600

 OxFutures - Growing Oxfordshire's Low Carbon Economy

Offer: A free energy audit and a grant of up to £10,000 to make your business energy efficient

If you want to cut your gas and electricity bills, or install more modern heating, lighting or electrical equipment, get in touch with OxFutures.  Our non-profit making partnership, helps SMEs future-proof their businesses with low-carbon improvements.  We offer a free energy audit to help you identify and prioritise energy saving opportunities and then part-fund the recommendations with a European Regional Development Fund grant.  Our qualified auditors spend a couple of hours visiting your business and then produce a detailed professional report so you can make well informed decisions on what to implement. 


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You need to be a small or medium sized enterprise to apply (under 250 staff and with a turnover under €50 million / £44.2 million pa)