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Work with a professional environmental consultancy to achieve a net positive environmental impact

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The journey to sustainability often begins with asking these questions:

●       Are your customers asking you to be more sustainable?

●       Do you want your business to become more sustainable but not sure where to start

●       Do you want to be a leader in your marketplace, building trust and loyalty?

●       Do you live by your principles, make sincere commitments, and denounce ‘greenwash?’

If any of these apply to your business, contact us to discuss your needs.  Empathy Sustainability is an established consultancy which helps organisations to develop strategies that build environmental sustainability into their operations. 

Here how we can help your organisation move successfully towards environmental sustainability:

Implications for your business

●       What it means: Advice for your stakeholders on the commercial implications of sustainability, including issues such as net gains for your organisation, the regulatory landscape and impacts on your sales strategy.

●       Actions to take: Advice on sustainability actions, how to achieve net positive environmental impact, risk management and value creation.

Strategy development

●       Planning:  How to set strategic goals that will integrate sustainability into your organisation’s mission, vision and values.  

●       Branding:  Building sustainability into your corporate and marketing communications, engaging your customers, stakeholders and employees

●       Management:  Developing the management structure, metrics framework and action plans to implement your goals

●       Measurement and evaluation:  Creating a metrics framework for your business to measure progress and identify success

Beyond these areas, we can make recommendations on how to further extend your sustainability goals.


Empathy Sustainability is led by Jake Backus, former Commercial Leadership Manager and Customer Sustainability Director for Coca-Cola Europe.  Jake’s wealth of experience includes helping SME’s to reach Net Positive in their impact on the Environment and Society.  He has worked extensively with print firm Seacourt Ltd, which is regarded as Europe’s most sustainable printer, which has won three Queen’s Awards for its achievements in sustainability.  Jake is visiting Senior Member Linacre College Oxford University, and a member of the Oxford University Colleges Sustainability Guild.

Visiting Senior Member Linacre College Oxford University

Oxford University Colleges Sustainability Guild

Jake Backus,    07747006544



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